Monday, January 2, 2012

Garrett AT-Pro Metal Detector Air Tests

I conducted air tests with my new Garrett AT-Pro metal detector. Using various targets you would expect to find while out coin shooting or treasure hunting with a metal detecting. This video was shot while using a silver mercury dime, a silver Roosevelt dime, Clad quarter, copper and zinc penny, nickel and a silver dime while masked with a piece of iron. Enjoy!

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  1. I've been wondering why I never found any Gold Roll pretzels with the Pro! Now I know I may need a different machine!

    I have now buried clad dimes a various parks around the city at the maximum depth my two main detectors will achieve. This way, whenever I go to these parks, I can calibrate my machine for maximum depth. In my soil, I have audibly detected silver dimes at 8 inches with the AT Pro. Also, if you slow down a bit, you could really separate the Merc from the iron with the DD coil.

    Last (in case you didn't already know), the sensitivity level doesn't control the depth. The sensitivity level will make a faint signal a bit stronger but it will not make a non-audible signal (due to depth) audible. The depth of the detector is controlled more by the discrimination setting and to a degree, by the ground balance. Thus, I hunt on Pro mode, on the Zero setting, with no iron discrimination. I keep my ground balance around 72, even when the auto gb wants to sit around 80+. I run the sensitivity at 7 bars always.

    The At Pro is an awesome machine even before you take into account that it is water proof. Even though I really like the new V3i, I still use the Pro often as it produces good results almost every time.