Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gold and Ruby Treasure Found Metal Detecting

Tim Corser and Peter Jones, both metal detecting enthusiast said they were "gobsmacked" when the dug up a 16th century gold and ruby encrusted perfume bottle stopper in South Derbyshire.

The gold stopper is 1.5 centimeters in diameter and contains 16 rubies.  It is believed to have its origins from Goa or Sri Lanka.

The top was relatively shallow and not a single stone was missing or had fallen out. "I couldn't believe it.  It came right up with the first spade.  It was incredibly lucky that it hadn't been harmed in all those tears." said Corser.

Assistant deputy coroner Paul McCandless declared the gold and ruby topper to be treasure at an inquest in  Derby and South Derbyshire Coroner's court.

Currently the golden topper is being evaluated at the British Museum, though the Derby Museum and Art Gallery has already expressed an interest in obtaining the piece for its collection.

Fortunately for the two metal detectorist who discovered the little top, the  Derby Museum and Art Gallery will have to hand over a yet to be determined amount of cash to the two detectorist.

Tell me below how much you think the two friend will receive for their find, leave your guess below in the comments area. 

The 5 W's
Who:   Tim Corser  of Ilkeston
              Peter Jones of Hulland Ward
Where:  South Derbyshire, England
What:    1.5 Centimeter diameter 16th century gold perfume stopper with 16 rubies
When:   Article date April, 2013
Why:     Metal Detecting

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